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HydroCab PowerCore

  • Combines water electrolysis and fuel cells in one self-sufficient energy system for short- and long-term energy storage

  • Can be integrated into all existing PV, wind or hydropower plants

  • Logistics-free, sustainable energy solution

  • Easy operation, independent of external Electricity price fluctuations

  • Up to 2 Nm³/h H2 production and up to 8 kW electric output power configurable

  • Integrated dryer ensures H2 purity of 99.999% (5.0)

  • H2 outlet pressure already 35 bar

  • Fuel cells can be integrated modularly up to 8 kW power

  • Suitable hydrogen storage solutions for effectively available energy from 40 kWh to >1,000 kWh

  • Modularly scalable and expandable at any time

  • Plug and play, easy installation and low maintenance operation.

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