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CTP Ostrava
— 5.5 MWp
 Photovoltaic System

Currently, we are in the process of installing a 5.5 MWp photovoltaic system on the roofs of four CTP halls.


The main purpose of this system is to generate electricity to power the buildings owned by the respective investors.


Key features:

  • Installed capacity of 5.5 MWp

  • No battery storage

  • Power output per panel: 460 Wp 

  • Solax inverters


6 years


7 month


11 808

Project Process

1. Case study

1.1. Technical site inspection

1.2. Obtaining necessary documents

1.3. Design of panel layout on the roof with consideration for future requirements of electrical connection

1.4. Production simulation, consumption, basic economic analysis

1.5. Output protocol / report (e.g. PV SOL) including source data

2. Feasibility study

2.1. Static assessment of the roof

2.2. SPS (single-pole scheme)

2.3. Assessment of the placement of PV technology

2.4. Assessment of cable routing

2.5. Request for connection to the distribution system (DS)

2.6. comprehensive report on the feasibility of PV

3. Documentation for building permit

3.1. Completing the DSP FVE

3.2. Solutions for lightning protection and grounding within the connection of the FVE

3.3. Fire safety solution PBŘ

3.4. Submission and processing of building permit

4. Documentation of construction implementation

4.1. Detailed design documentation for implementation, including bill of materials and workshop documentation

4.2. Switchboard documentation for production, operating instructions, etc.

4.3. Documentation of actual implementation (DSPS)

5. Construction implementation

5.1. Building surveying

5.2. Installation of structures

5.3. Ballast installation

5.4. Connection of distribution cabinets and inverters

5.5. Stringing and connection of DC cables

5.6. Panel installation on structures

5.7. Installation of cable routes

 5.8. AC Cable Installation 

5.9. Connection of RFVE switchboard

5.10. Power output

5.11. Final inspection

5.12. Trial operation

5.13. Handover of the project

We anticipate completing the project by March 2024.

Live Progress and Updates

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IČ: 18009271,

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140 00 Praha 4-Nusle,

Czech Republic

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