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ADS-TEC Energy PowerBooster

Commercial storage with 75 kVA power and 111.6 kWh usable capacity. The PowerBooster product series is the ultimate all-in-one battery storage solution for users in manufacturing, agriculture and the PV sector. Ads-tec's storage systems excel in every area: storage capacity, scalability, footprint and control.


To place an order, please send an email specifying your order details.

Technical data

Product features

Product advantages:

  • German manufacturer

  • Capability for backup power using storage

  • Expandable in 75 kW/111.6 kWh (usable) increments

  • Sophisticated safety system


ADS-TEC Energy has been developing its high quality products in Germany for over 10 years. The commercial storage can be used for your operation e.g. in the load peak capping or in the self-consumption optimization. It can also be used for projects, e.g. in the charging infrastructure, or as a building block for a neighborhood solution and more. The outdoor storage is expandable in each case in the same capacity and power. 

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