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Mitrex Solar Facade Panels

Panels are an energy-efficient solution for existing or new facades. These panels are lightweight and can provide thermal resistance and exterior noise control to a building while offering a durable and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

To place an order, please send an email specifying your order details.

Max. Panel Size : 47 7/8" (1217mm) - 80 3/4"(2050mm)

Min. Panel Size: 24" (609mm) - 43 1/4"(1100mm)


PV Modules Types: 
• Transparent 
• Opaque 
• Translucent 
• Transitional 
These are available with the option of an aluminum honeycomb or a layered glass backing.


These serve a dual purpose for the building; they act as a building envelope and provide power generation. The cell arrangement can change depending on the needs of the project and design aesthetic.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Backing

• Thickness varies from 1" (25,4mm) to 8" (203,2mm)
• Min 2" (50,8mm) thickness recommended for cold weather conditions.



• Lightweight and strong 
• Fire resistant 
• Impact resistant 
• Sound and heat insulation


We offer an endless variety of active and non-active materials, colors, textures, and finishes of cladding facing, suitable for any application.


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