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ADS-TEC Indoor Battery Storage

Commercial storage with 25 kVA and 37.2 kWh usable capacity. ADS-TEC Energy also has a compact solution for indoor use. SRS - Storage Rack System is a small indoor battery storage system that shows our characteristic trademark of the + and - symbols. A complete system with an integrated inverter that is multifunctional and offers a solution for every demand.


To place an order, please send an email specifying your order details.

Technical data

Product features

Product advantages:

  • German manufacturer

  • Capable of backup power using storage

  • Expandable in 25kW/37.2 kWh (usable) increments

  • Sophisticated safety system


ADS-TEC Energy has been developing its high-quality products in Germany for over 10 years. The commercial storage can be used for your operation e.g. in the load peak capping or in the self-consumption optimization. It can also be used for projects, e.g. in the charging infrastructure, or as a building block for a neighborhood solution and more. The indoor storage is expandable in each case in the same capacity and power. 

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